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Who We Are

Studio 19 was started in 1998, with a small group of highly proficient professional designers and developers. Our vision is a passion for creativity, innovation and exploration of the Internet as a medium for creating unique mobile experiences and environments. With our expertise, we hope to create and develop a optimal solution for presenting information in support of your mobile objectives. We hope our work communicates your ideas effectively and takes your mobile initiatives to a new level of excellence.
What We Do

Studio 19 designs and develops mobile applications for mobile devices. Because of the explosive adoption of Macromedia Flash ® by consumers around the world. We specialize on Macromedia Flash ® technologies for our mobile rich Internet applications. Our services include, animation integration, Pocket PC and Palm mobile application development, WAP development, and mobile website development. Our work provides an interactive mobile experience that helps businesses achieve their mobile initiative.
Why Us

Why Us? Because Studio 19 provides our clients outstanding products and services. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to offering mobile solutions that are on-time and on-budget. With our extensive experience, we can build custom innovative mobile data applications tailored to your requirements that give your business a competitive advantage. We are here to satisfy your mobile business initiatives with valuable innovative solutions.
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West Greenleaf St
Allentown, PA 18104

Yahoo! Traffic Report
This application uses information provided by Yahoo!® to inform users of up-to-minute traffic delay reports in your area.
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PDA Alarm Clock
A simple PDA alarm clock application.
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iTunes Top Ten Watch
Get iTunes up-to-date top 10 music list from this PDA application.
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Etch N Sketch
Enjoy doodling with a Etch N Sketch interface for your PDA.
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Simon Says!
A simple Simon Says! game design PDA devices with Macromedia Flash Player installed.
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